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среда, 7 января 2009 г.
i need the instructions to ms-6541 motherboard please email... Гость 18:01:18
 i need the instructions to ms-6541 motherboard please email them to me fuhjy7@hotmail.com
вторник, 30 декабря 2008 г.
Shuttle AV40V12 Drivers Гость 09:47:33
 Looking for Divers for the Multimedia Audio Contoller on the AV40V12.
09:47:33 iszamri
help me...anyone have for driver m/boards AV40V12...plsz
среда, 12 ноября 2008 г.
Hi!,I've a video Card and his reference is FCC ID... Гость 04:59:41
I've a video Card and his reference is FCC ID : ICUVGA-GW807C.
I losed the driver.
Where can i find then.
Thank a lot for your help.
Arlindo (e-mail abasec@bol.com.br)
вторник, 11 ноября 2008 г.
Olivetti PR2E Гость 18:48:38
 Hi All

I am looking for Olivetti PR2e Schematic diagrams to repair the logic board.
Can anybody help please, I have the service and parts section already.

Please send any links or info to joeforest@gmail.com
Hi Allwww.feedroller.c­om has loads of free manuals Гость 18:43:32
 Hi All

www.feedroller.com has loads of free manuals
пятница, 31 октября 2008 г.
Dean I just downloaded it from Qlogic web site it there!Sun... Гость 05:12:17
 Dean I just downloaded it from Qlogic web site it there!
Sun storedge 3510 just us "sccli -h" it gives you a help menu for every thing!
good luch
воскресенье, 14 сентября 2008 г.
Ahoj AlbinePozdravuje te Petr Italie. canada. Napis mne... Гость 02:45:39
 Ahoj Albine
Pozdravuje te Petr Italie. canada. Napis mne petrmacel@yahoo.com­
среда, 20 августа 2008 г.
Same problem, could not find an answer to it. Гость 16:45:49
 Same problem, could not find an answer to it.
пятница, 4 июля 2008 г.
Did anyone figure out how to make this drive work with... Гость 15:44:30
 Did anyone figure out how to make this drive work with windows? TIA
четверг, 3 июля 2008 г.
mine is starting to do the same, i figure it is going to... Гость 16:56:41
 mine is starting to do the same, i figure it is going to cost more to fix it than it will to buy a new one. the thing that sucks is that is about 4 months out of warranty.
16:56:41 fugnaman
could someone please email me the drivers for the mag lt765s they don't have the one's for this monitor on the mag site. PLEASE help me out
пятница, 27 июня 2008 г.
Thank you for good description!I have some questions. You... Гость 23:01:35
 Thank you for good description!
I have some questions.
You are saying that "However with a little help from Nokia
I did succeed in making Nokia VPN client work with PIX 6.3(5)."

Sorry, I am not so familiar with this.

What is this PIX 6.3(5)?
Is it:
a) the software installed on computer;
b) the network hardware to connect computer;
c) some kind of Firmware version for Cisco hardware.

I have checked on the Internet and it looks like that
"Pix 6.3(5)" is a firmware version for some Cisco hardware,
like PIX Firewall Models 501, 506E, 515/515E, 520, 525, 535.
So, I guess the right answer is "C".

Am I right on that?
Does it means that in order to use the described above
solution on the Nokia phone user will need to have
the special network hardware, Cisco Pix Firewall, to be exact?

Where can I buy that hardware and what is the probable minimal price tag?
I have visited Cisco website, they don't have prices and
offering to fill up some forms for price quote.

четверг, 19 июня 2008 г.
I recommend Orgplus... Гость 10:25:14
 I recommend Orgplus http://www.orgplus.­com/download/organiz­ational-chart.htm
четверг, 15 мая 2008 г.
I found this a usefull site http://calendar.web­stek.info Гость 01:53:25
 I found this a usefull site http://calendar.web­stek.info
вторник, 13 мая 2008 г.
I asked winXP to remove it. Rebooted - now wireless radio... Гость 07:44:05
 I asked winXP to remove it. Rebooted - now wireless radio is off and "cannot change powerstatus for wireless 802.11 radio". In my case it actually has an effect to remove it.
But the 4Gig vacant space I should have had are nowhere to be seen...
пятница, 2 мая 2008 г.
:-) the book's an the teable Гость 17:54:32
 :-)­ the book's an the teable
воскресенье, 30 марта 2008 г.
ho bisogno dei driver !! dove li posso trovare?i need of... Гость 07:05:53
 ho bisogno dei driver !! dove li posso trovare?
i need of GPRS-100S driver!! where I can search?
понедельник, 24 марта 2008 г.
please help me!!! i need the driver for sony DVD/CD-RW crx320e ryk3 Гость 09:03:51
 my mail inthe9thcloud@yahoo­.com thanks
вторник, 4 марта 2008 г.
DCR - TRV 280 setup driver Гость 09:59:46
 please I need a setup driver for DCR - TRV 280 digital video camera recorder. please in case anyone know which website I can download it should please contact.
воскресенье, 6 января 2008 г.
2312312 Гость 18:18:52
пятница, 30 ноября 2007 г.
The output is not displayed because of security context... Гость 16:59:02
 The output is not displayed because of security context 'httpd_sys_script_e­xec_t'.

[root@beta cgi-bin]# ls --scontext *
user_u:object_r:htt­pd_sys_script_exec_t­ test.bin
[root@beta cgi-bin]#

For example, if the security context for myscript.sh is changed using the command chcon -c "system_u:object_r:­httpd_sys_script_exe­c_t" myscript.sh, then the output of this script will not be displayed as well.

вторник, 27 ноября 2007 г.
Creo Scitex EverSmart Locked Carriage Гость 15:22:41
 I am running a Creo Scitex EverSmart Scanner on mac OS 9 - every time I go to start up the scanner it runs the basic diagnostics and then the carriage gets stuck.It tells me that the carriage is locked. Can anyone tell me how to unlock the carriage - the manuals have been of no help!
понедельник, 19 ноября 2007 г.
So, I'm having the exact same problem, with brand new... Гость 05:36:56
 So, I'm having the exact same problem, with brand new software.

Get error msg, 'convert_stub.dll cannot be loaded. Please re-install.' Re-installed, no change.
Trying to convert Quicken 2002. Quicken has copied and verified the .QDF to be converted. What to do?

This thread appears to have died before the answer was revealed.

Greg Leyh
четверг, 15 ноября 2007 г.
TP A31p hangs sudenly jrohlicek 13:49:27
 Hi guys,

I have IBM Thinkpad A31p runnig Win XP Pro, it worked fine till now. A few days ago it started hanging suddenly.
It is always the same - all activity stops, it does respond not to mouse nor to the keyboard. The only thing I can do with it is to press On/Off switch for about 15 secs to switch it off. After that it boots OK but a bit longer than usually.
It hangs going to sleep mode to and even shutting the Windows down.
The only thing happend before this strange behaviour was that Java runtime update failed due to not enough space on disk.
(Java is uninstalled now).
Thank for any advice in advance.

вторник, 13 ноября 2007 г.
Very good articles on networking, windows and security. Гость 04:59:27
 Hi Guys,
I have found a very good site for articles on windows, networking and security.


It has been always a challenge to disable to USB drives on the employees PCs specifically using memory sticks without disabling the USB keyboard, mouse etc. The following article explains how to do that. A good read.


We can confiugre checkpoint to send email alerts for improtant events and threshold. I read this very good informative article. A very good read.


Generally it is considered hard to write scripts. But it’s not that difficult. Here is an interesting article which explains how to write scripts in a very simple way. A must read


понедельник, 5 ноября 2007 г.
I too am getting this message fatal error3 during download... Гость 03:35:45
 I too am getting this message fatal error3 during download tells me to go to the following etrustEZAntivirus\a­utodown.log even though everything is running OK hummmmmm????
03:35:45 SDdoll60
I am getting the same Fatal Error 3 with my automatic downloads. I have been getting it for 4 or 5 days now and rebooting doesn't help it at all. What is going on? I read the other comments and from the dates it has been going on for a couple of years or more. What can I do to correct this error?

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